How to Finally Feel Like You’re Doing Enough

Another secret F-word to help you be more successful

One of the great equalizers among humans (besides the fact that we’re all human!) is that we all have 168 hours each week: from the CEO to the receptionist to the computer programmer to the case manager. I’ve noticed one key difference between those who feel successful AND less stressed and those who are running […]

Do You Celebrate Others’ Superpowers?

Every person has them.

One of my most treasured pieces of feedback was when a colleague said, “Wow, Stefanie, you’re a really good problem solver.” We were working at her desk troubleshooting a weird technology problem and I just started suggesting some logical steps to take to fix it. And, voilà, we fixed it! Because of my life experiences […]

Do you struggle to be yourself?

How to tap into authenticity

I have a happy dance. It was invented in an IU dorm room with  my friend, Sally, when  I was 19. I use it to celebrate occasions of all kinds: great news, good news, not-so-bad news, when my client hits a goal, when I hit a goal, etc. It’s really not for public consumption and […]

Stop wasting time and money: How to get more out of your next workshop

7 tips for maximizing your learning

I love to conduct workshops. To facilitate someone else’s learning by sharing my experiences, story, and quirkiness is truly one of the most fulfilling things I do. Before I every step into a workshop, I’ve usually done at least 3 hours of work for each hour of training. Everything doesn’t always go according to plan, […]

3 Steps to Make Sure Your Team is Solving the Same Problem

Groups can't work towards a solution if they're not solving the same problem.

Raise your hand if this has happened to you. You and your co-workers have a meeting to discuss a new project that’s part of your strategic plan. The meeting runs over 15 minutes and you each leave the meeting with action items. As each persons begins their tasks, they have questions. A series of emails are exchanged […]

Another F-Word to Use Instead of Feedback

Feedforward is a great way to change behavior and make improvements for the future.

Receiving feedback usually gets me a little nervous. I find myself uneasy, embarrassed, and sometimes even feeling ashamed of my work. I’m not alone. I’ve heard from many others that feedback often times elicits the third F-word here…you know what I’m talking about. In writing this post, I realize that my association with feedback is mostly […]

How to Unplug and Find Focus

Don't underestimate the difference between disconnect and distraction.

Have you ever thought about your process for intentionally disconnecting from work? I remember when I used to commute thirty minutes each way. My thoughts on the drive to work were about work. And my thoughts on my way home were about work, my personal task list for the evening, and what I was going […]

“Doing more with less” often means burnout

Helping until it hurts isn’t helping. It’s martyrdom. Nonprofit employees are a mission-driven bunch and sometimes help until it hurts, often doing this work at the expense of our families, health and mental wellbeing. Here’s a huge caveat to this statement: Helping at the expense of our mental health and personal relationships is where things […]

What to do when everything is going wrong

How to be joyful when the shizz hits the fan

Let me recap my past month for you:   I had bronchitis. In July. I fell off my bike and broke my arm. I walked around for a week with a broken arm before going to the doctor. (I have a couple of minor (hairline?) fractures. It was painful but nothing crazy like a bone […]

Don’t let your professional development go to waste this year.

We do-gooders are great at doing good, which usually also means being constantly active. What we’re not so great at is renewing our spirit and taking breaks to avoid compassion fatigue — that unique form of tension and stress that comes from helping those in distress. Professional development, in particular leadership development, can help you address the […]