Stop wasting time and money: How to get more out of your next workshop

7 tips for maximizing your learning

I love to conduct workshops. To facilitate someone else’s learning by sharing my experiences, story, and quirkiness is truly one of the most fulfilling things I do. Before I ever step into a workshop, I’ve usually done at least 3 hours of work for each hour of training. Everything doesn’t always go according to plan, […]

How a Great Career Can Lead to Wellness

Loving your job means you're taking better care of yourself.

So much of our identity — and our health — is wrapped up in our careers. It’s one of the first things we ask others about when we meet them and it is often how we describe ourselves to others. When I was in my late 20’s I had my first job eliminated. It [the job!] was a […]

Your 27-Point Checklist to Finding Your Next Job

Complete these steps to find a purposeful, paying job.

You deserve a job that is meaningful, provides a real service to this world, and brings you joy. Everyone describes it  a little bit differently, but you may find yourself saying something like this: I want a career where I’m doing something that is meaningful to others. My daily tasks need to contribute to a larger […]

How to Make a Difference with a Corporate Job

(Almost) Every job can be an opportunity to make the world better

There seems to be a myth that the work of the nonprofit sector is reserved for “doing good” and “making a difference.” Many of my nonprofiteer colleagues and myself have experienced a version of this conversation: Aspiring Do-Gooder and Current Engineer: Geesh. I really wish I had a job that made a difference. I’m thinking […]