Innovation is easier than you think.

This one change will open the doors to creativity.

Michelangelo said it best: Criticize by creating. I’m always fascinated by the amount of complaining that goes on in our world. No, really, I find it so intriguing! People can and will find anything to complain about. I listened to a couple at a bar (they were either on one of their first dates or […]

Do you struggle to be yourself?

How to tap into authenticity

I have a happy dance. It was invented in an IU dorm room with  my friend, Sally, when  I was 19. I use it to celebrate occasions of all kinds: great news, good news, not-so-bad news, when my client hits a goal, when I hit a goal, etc. It’s really not for public consumption and […]

How to Unplug and Find Focus

Don't underestimate the difference between disconnect and distraction.

Have you ever thought about your process for intentionally disconnecting from work? I remember when I used to commute thirty minutes each way. My thoughts on the drive to work were about work. And my thoughts on my way home were about work, my personal task list for the evening, and what I was going […]

“Doing more with less” often means burnout

Helping until it hurts isn’t helping. It’s martyrdom. Nonprofit employees are a mission-driven bunch and sometimes help until it hurts, often doing this work at the expense of our families, health and mental wellbeing. Here’s a huge caveat to this statement: Helping at the expense of our mental health and personal relationships is where things […]

How to Dream Big as a Do-Gooder (Part 1)

And Make Your Dreams Come True Admittedly, this title is pretty lofty and makes a really big promise: that your dreams can come true! What I’m really describing here are those Big Hairy Audacious Goals (all kudos to Jim Collins) for our personal lives. These are the future-oriented projects, actions, lifestyles, and careers that take […]

3 Secret Tips to Simplify and Reduce Stress

Simplicity Matters in a Connected Life. We all recognize that life is running at a chaotic pace. We’re doing less physical running and more running from appointment to appointment and from store to store (or website to website). There’s so much commentary on this lately with thousands of blog posts and articles related to reducing […]

The Secret to Avoiding Burnout

Coffee is Fuel for the Rat Race This slogan for a local coffee shop makes me laugh and cry. I love me some coffee…like, really, love it. I probably love it too much. (Hmm…note to self: I should probably seek sponsorship from a coffee company. Each day is fueled by this liquid deliciousness.) Here’s the not-so-funny […]

I Don’t Have Enough Time

We all have 168 hours each week. Choose how you use yours. Busyness is a badge of honor nowadays. The easiest and quickest response is often, “I can’t. I don’t have time.” What a load of junk. The average American is now watching 3.5 hours of television per day. Per day! In addition, according to […]