10 Minutes Every Hour Could Transform Your Day

Take breaks to get more done.

Sounds counter intuitive, doesn’t it? Take a break to get more done? But you don’t understand, Stefanie, I have soooooooo much to do. I barely have time to run to the restroom. Choosing work over going to the restroom is a bit extreme in our line of work. But, I get it, you have a […]

Do You Celebrate Others’ Superpowers?

Every person has them.

One of my most treasured pieces of feedback was when a colleague said, “Wow, Stefanie, you’re a really good problem solver.” We were working at her desk troubleshooting a weird technology problem and I just started suggesting some logical steps to take to fix it. And, voilà, we fixed it! Because of my life experiences […]

How to Unplug and Find Focus

Don't underestimate the difference between disconnect and distraction.

Have you ever thought about your process for intentionally disconnecting from work? I remember when I used to commute thirty minutes each way. My thoughts on the drive to work were about work. And my thoughts on my way home were about work, my personal task list for the evening, and what I was going […]