How the Enneagram Can Help You Solve More Problems

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The Enneagram is a powerful personality profile that reflects the complex nature of being human. A few years ago I took the assessment and learned that I was an Achiever with a Helper wing (I’ll explain about that more later.). Since then I’ve studied my type further to better understand my basic fears (feeling worthless), what […]

Stop wasting time and money: How to get more out of your next workshop

7 tips for maximizing your learning

I love to conduct workshops. To facilitate someone else’s learning by sharing my experiences, story, and quirkiness is truly one of the most fulfilling things I do. Before I ever step into a workshop, I’ve usually done at least 3 hours of work for each hour of training. Everything doesn’t always go according to plan, […]

Don’t let your professional development go to waste this year.

We do-gooders are great at doing good, which usually also means being constantly active. What we’re not so great at is renewing our spirit and taking breaks to avoid compassion fatigue — that unique form of tension and stress that comes from helping those in distress. Professional development, in particular leadership development, can help you address the […]

What Commitment Looks Like

Commitment isn't being busy; it's following through on your promises.

A few years ago a recovering addict told me that she felt she had lost integrity with herself. She considered herself a liar because she wasn’t following through on the promises she made: the promise to quit drinking, the promise to take care of her body through exercise, the promise to stay connected with her […]

The importance of professional development budgets

For all mission-minded companies and nonprofits

We do-gooders are great at doing good…meaning being in constant action. We’re not so great at renewing our spirit, taking a break, and avoiding burnout. At the same time, our organizations aren’t so good at supporting us with this either. According to The Talent Philanthropy Project, here are the top reasons that individuals might leave the […]