Everyone Has These 6 Needs

Even busy do-gooders and social entrepreneurs

I love to use assessments for my own personal development and that of my clients. Especially when you’re busy (helping others, building a creative business that pursues profit and purpose, etc.) it’s easy to get lost in the organizational needs or the needs of those around you who seem to be in a much more […]

How to Make a Difference

There's one key question to answer, but chances are you're trying to answer the wrong one.

It’s really hard to see the needs of the world and not want to fix it all. The statistics are staggering: Poor nutrition causes nearly half (45%) of deaths in children under five – 3.1 million children each year. There are 7% of our kids who have dropped out of high school by 16 and […]

How to make life less difficult

Start your day with some simple changes. We’ve all had those days (weeks, months) where nothing seems to go right. There are days when I feel like an awkward teenager. I can’t communicate clearly. I’m not getting the right things done. I’m distracted and frustrated with myself and others. It’s maddening. And often times my […]

What would you do?

Why coaching is different. Last week a coaching client was rehearsing with me something she wanted to say to another person. And then quickly asked, “What do you think? What would you do?” As her coach, I shifted the conversation back to what she wanted to say and do. But after the session I was reflecting […]