Speaking: Motivating topics to inspire action (and not take ourselves too seriously)

You’re Not the Next Mother Teresa

How to find the cause you can devote yourself to and have fun doing it

Have you ever wondered how Mother Teresa came to bravely and generously provide the care that she did in the Calcutta slums? Are you left wondering what cause you’d be willing to devote your life to? Many people from around the globe came to visit Mother Teresa in India and asked to stay. She said, “No. Go find your own Calcutta.” After nearly 15 years striving to find her purpose and guiding others to find theirs, Stefanie Krievins knows the key questions you must ask yourself in order to find and stay devoted to your own Calcutta.

The truth is that there are people all around us, regardless of your community, who need our compassion now. Stefanie teaches how anyone, at any point in their life, can make a difference, like Mother Teresa. The secret to changing the world and changing our own lives is through personal relationships and a willingness to make a commitment to get our hands dirty.

This presentation is great for individuals and groups who are seeking to get beyond their normal charitable activities, or even begin a donations program with a focus.

Attendees will learn:

  • How to give and volunteer with joy, and not get overwhelmed by the devastating effects of poverty
  • Three key areas where you can change your life today and make an impactful difference
  • Why the world needs YOU to show up with your gifts

10 Steps to Make a Difference

How to have impact in other’s lives and take action on your mission

Have you ever wondered if it’s possible to solve the world’s problems without getting burnt out? Do you struggle to make a difference but feel like you’re merely scratching the surface of the need? Stefanie Krievins, a seasoned nonprofit professional and trained life and business coach, will walk you through the exact steps individuals and groups need to take to truly impact the world.

In this session, Stefanie will provide the tools that your group needs to create a plan to tackle a significant problem. Attendees will learn:

  • 5 ways to impact a cause or problem
  • How individuals need to become clear about what’s important to them before moving forward
  • Key questions to ask before engaging with an organization
  • How tenacity and compassion are keys to your success
  • What’s really holding you back

How to be a Professional Troublemaker

Practical skills for better problem solving, innovation, leadership, and team alignment

What do the world’s best problem solvers do differently? How do they always seem to succeed despite insurmountable odds? Stefanie Krievins will share the simple ways successful leaders create focus and alignment in order to do really great work. They don’t let the limits define them, and instead create their own.

This presentation is for people who want to find creative ways to solve old and future problems in order to create new results. Attendees will learn:

  • Ways to define problems to make them less overwhelming
  • How powerful questions can lead to powerful solutions
  • An approachable way to create innovation
  • The 5 practices of amazing leaders
  • Why alignment and accountability are key to solving any problem

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