Deliver Results that Match Your Executive Compensation with Scott Couchenour

Aug 18, 2023 | Executive Coaching Blogs, Gen X in the Workplace, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Have you ever felt like you weren’t delivering the results as an executive that matched your compensation? Scott Couchenour is our faculty member who can tell you exactly why and how to get you focused on results, actions, and the mindset needed to do the strategic work necessary at your level. It’s easy to get sucked into too many meetings, too many decisions, and too many tasks. As a senior leader you need to focus on delivering the value that only you can. Usually that means more time on strategic planning and execution, managing investments, aligning staff, and business development — not making a decision for a teammate who is abdicating responsibility to you!

Listen in on Scott’s episode to learn why you need your very own “offensive coordinator” so you’re being proactive, not reactive to whatever hits your inbox each day.

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Lead Kick Ass Meetings

Download this toolkit and you'll get resources to:

  • Easily manage task items from every meeting
  • Design agendas quickly and allow folks the right info to prepare
  • Hold your next effective staff meeting with focused content
  • Run a quick daily meeting so your team gets more shit done
  • Have your staff turn in meaningful updates so meetings are shorter
  • Start meetings in an engaged way. Get everyone to laugh, not roll their eyes.

About Scott Couchenour

Drawing from nearly 30 years of experience as a COO and CEO, Scott helps Gen X leaders who are successful yet dissatisfied with the uncertainty of where their life and business is headed. He concentrates on helping owners of small to midsize companies create clarity and design a comprehensive life and business plan. He helps not only with strategy but secures solid traction through an iterative approach. Scott’s clients are reaching new heights and accomplishing much more than they ever thought possible.

As a Pro Troublemaker, Scott focuses on creating clarity first, helping clients to reveal their many options when they might normally feel backed into a corner. Clients will find that Scott is genuinely interested in what they do, is committed to closing the gap between “where they are” and “where they want to be,” and that his goal is to create a fun and engaging experience during the important work of coaching.

Scott is a Certified through ILCT (Institute of Life Coach Training) and is proud of working with his long-term clients. One of his clients is on their second 5-year life plan and he loves to be there to witness their positive growth. He is also extremely proud of his husband, father, and “Pop Pop” to his grandkids. He loves to play piano, work on spreadsheets, and explore coffee shops.