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Strategic Planning Plus

Finally! Strategic planning services that will actually rally your team.

Remember that strategic planning retreat you had with your team? Y’all met with a consultant, came up with innovative products, new employee engagement programs, and more projects than you really have time for.

The ideas were typed up and you decided on a plan. Now, 6 months or 1 year later, how much progress have you really made?

The energy from that retreat has left your team. Some of the projects are staying alive but there just doesn’t seem to be enough momentum or urgency for real change.

Meanwhile the majority of your team has gone back to business as usual. The busy work seems to be as urgent as ever, but the most important work is stalled out.

You dream of the day when your plan is both strategic and successful.

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Lynn, small business owner

What You’ve Already Tried Isn’t Enough to Fix This

You’ve tried an inspirational presentation and bringing back your retreat facilitator. You’ve tried creating a new owner of the plan and increasing accountability. You’ve even threatened a few with demotions if they can’t make this plan happen.

As the economy moves into recovery mode from COVID-19’s impact, your strategic plan needs to adapt too. As one CEO said, “A global pandemic wasn’t in this year’s strategic plan.” While your company may have been on a growth trajectory before Spring 2020, it came to a screeching halt and the future requires something different.

A disaster recovery plan, integrated with strategic planning services, requires a whole new type of response and focus on innovation and stability.

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Now is the time to be bold by taking action. Book your introductory call to see if you and Stefanie are a good fit to solve your problems.

Experience Stefanie Krievins & Co.’s Strategic Planning Services

​Your strategic plan has to be more than just the plan. It needs to start with answering: what are strategic planning skills? Then, include how the plan will be executed, how to monitor a strategic plan, who is responsible for various projects, and how the entire team will change and adapt to meet the vision of the plan.

Using coaching and team training techniques, Stefanie works with organizations to create a “Strategic Plan Plus” —your plan, plus the implementation, accountability, change management, and leadership techniques necessary to actually get ‘er done.

A Strategic Planning Plus project will typically have these steps:

  • Stefanie will evaluate your current plan’s progress and the primary team’s skillset to deliver on the plan.
  • You, your team, and her will update the plan based on your current reality.
  • You’ll work with Stefanie for 6 to 9 months through structured team coaching to get your plan back on track and share accountability across all departments.

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