Case Study: Accounting Director

Sep 13, 2022 | Case Study, Case Study Andre


Andre is a director at a large accounting firm. During our coaching, he was on track to becoming partner and knew that he needed to become a better leader to be successful with the responsibilities he had been given. Since coaching, and in part because of coaching, he is now a partner!


Andre, a self proclaimed hot mess, was struggling to get his footing as leader. He is a rising star, but he knew he had some bad habits and lack of self awareness in key areas that needed to be strengthened. Things that had worked for him when he was a team member suddenly weren’t working for the team that he was managing and he knew that there had to be a better way that would help his team to become better and more successful.


Andre turned to executive coaching. It was very important for him to find a coach who was personable and spent time building a solid foundation of trust to help develop his own authentic leadership style. When he started working with Stefanie Krievins & Co., Andre knew that our ability to take his personal values and his growth opportunities as a leader and factor those into the coaching relationship would help make him a much stronger, well-rounded leader. Having someone who got to know him and was willing to step up and challenge his beliefs and ideas was exactly what he needed to level up to the leader that he had always dreamed of being.


Andre’s leadership presence has come alive! Stefanie Krievins & Co. helped Andre realize how important incorporating his values into his authentic leadership style was for driving results from his team members. His eyes are now open to the importance of his responsibilities to his team members to help them learn, grow, and feel valued in their roles. He is now setting up his team to grow as leaders and to step into their potential of being rising stars in the company! Andre’s using the tools that Stefanie Krievins & Co. taught him to leave a lasting legacy of great leadership both personally and professionally.

Executive Coaching Results

Andre Riley is a director at a large accounting firm. He and Stefanie worked together so he could figure out some time and change management issues with his leadership style.

Throughout their executive coaching, they were able to dig into even deeper, more important challenges. The next step in his career is to become a partner at the firm and he needed to make sure there are team member below him ready for the challenge to step into his role as he takes on even more responsibility.

Andre’s answers and review are here.

What were you like as a leader before Stefanie’s coaching?

What are you most proud of now with your leadership style?

What is executive coaching and what’s it like working with a coach? Watch Andre’s full review here.

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