Hear Clients' Coaching Results and Experiences

Many businesses use a limited number of learning tools, such as workshops and mentoring. While these certainly have their place as a way to grow and obtain new skills, there are limitations as to how impactful these can be for an individual and for their team.

Too many leaders attend a training, get all fired up for what they learn, and leave with a vague action plan. Within 3 weeks that action plan has already been replaced by the seemingly urgent work that was already on their desk.

Very few tools have the stick-to-it-ness that warrant the investment. This is where coaching is different. The Change Architects’ coaching, delivered through the lens of andragogy, offers a powerful alternative. Andragogy recognizes that adult learners are self-directed, experienced, and seek practical applications within their daily work habits and duties. Our expert coaches provide personalized guidance and accountability to help leaders and teams translate learning into action for sustainable growth. Read: not just fill out another uninspiring goals sheet that gets forgotten or attending a one-size-fits-all workshop. 

You’ve heard of coaching as a professional development tool. You’ve seen a peer or colleague benefit it. But what is coaching and why would someone buy it? Is it the right investment for your teams?

The Change Architects’ clients have answered those questions for you! Hear from recent executive and team coaching clients on why they’d do it all over again.

Case Study: Consulting Company CEO

Tom Ambler is the president and CEO of a growing IT consulting and software company. After working with many executive coaching companies in the past, Tom and his team were excited to find an all-in-one coaching service that offered both team and individual coaching as well as workshops to get hands-on practice with the concepts they were learning.

Case Study: IT Director

Mark Chyba, IT director and mid-level leader, was met with unexpected organic growth within his company and quickly realized that the way they were operating was inefficient. They were not utilizing teamwork and it was hindering their success as a team.

Case Study: Growing Small Business’ Leadership Team

Armando, CEO, and Rachel, director of people and culture, of Creative Works partnered with Stefanie Krievins & Co. to turn their amazing leadership team into a more cohesive unit that operated with long-term planning instead of always being in crisis mode.

Every problem has a solution.

Case Study: Accounting Director

Andre is a director at a large accounting firm. During our coaching, he was on track to becoming partner and knew that he needed to become a better leader to be successful with the responsibilities he had been given. Since coaching, and in part because of coaching, he is now a partner!

Case Study: CEO Mastermind Facilitator

Calvin Ellison Jr., mastermind facilitator, consultant, and executive coach, relies on Stefanie Krievins & Co. when he needs to refer clients who are looking for personalized and transformative executive coaching.

Every problem has a solution.