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Many businesses use a limited number of learning tools, such as workshops and mentoring. While these certainly have their place as a way to grow and obtain new skills, there are limitations as to how impactful these can be for an individual and for their team.

Too many leaders attend a training, get all fired up for what they learn, and leave with a vague action plan. Within 3 weeks that action plan has already been replaced by the seemingly urgent work that was already on their desk.

Very few tools have the stick-to-it-ness that warrant the investment. This is where coaching is different.

You’ve heard of coaching as a professional development tool. You’ve seen a peer or colleague benefit it. But what is coaching and why would someone buy it?

Stefanie’s clients have answered those questions for you! Hear from recent executive and team coaching clients on why they’d do it all over again.

Executive Coaching Results

Andre Riley is a director at a large accounting firm. He and Stefanie worked together so he could figure out some time and change management issues with his leadership style.

Throughout their executive coaching, they were able to dig into even deeper, more important challenges. The next step in his career is to become a partner at the firm and he needed to make sure there are team member below him ready for the challenge to step into his role as he takes on even more responsibility.

Andre’s answers and review are here.

What were you like as a leader before Stefanie’s coaching?

What are you most proud of now with your leadership style?

What is executive coaching and what’s it like working with a coach? Watch Andre’s full review here.

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Team Training and Coaching Results

Creative Works is a fast-growing company made up of leaders who care deeply about the company, their clients, and their employees. As they began to outgrow their systems and processes, the impacts of COVID-19 brought their clients’ businesses to a screeching and forced them to get scrappy.

During their time in team training and coaching, they were also able to step up their game by fixing behind-the-scenes operations to put themselves in a position for growth and opportunity as the economy opens back up.

This leadership team learned new ways of collaborating to break down the silos that tend to emerge as a company gets bigger and more sophisticated.

Creative Works’ CEO and director of people operations answer questions about their experience here.

Why should a team hire Stefanie for team training and coaching?

Why should another team go through this process?

How is team collaboration better because of coaching? Watch Creative Works’ full review here.

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