Case Study: Growing Small Business’ Leadership Team

Sep 13, 2022 | Case Study, Case Study Armando Rachel


Armando, CEO, and Rachel, director of people and culture, of Creative Works partnered with Stefanie Krievins & Co. to turn their amazing leadership team into a more cohesive unit that operated with long-term planning instead of always being in crisis mode.


Armando and Rachel had a wonderful team that had amazing intentions, but needed some fine tuning to be able to openly trust, work cohesively, and develop consistent ways to follow through on their onslaught of creative ideas. Armando and Rachel had realized that their ability to be agile in the moment was not translating to developing solutions that would help them stay on top of the day-to-day tasks or to create long-term sustainable success.


The team at Stefanie Krievins & Co. came in, evaluated each member’s personality, and immediately began getting practices set in place that allowed them to get on the same page; and to become more skilled at communicating in a way where every member’s voice was heard. Through the process of learning effective communication, the team began to learn how to trust and respect one another and streamline the communication between the wide variety of personalities on the team.


Because of the techniques provided by Stefanie Krievins & Co., the team at Creative Works now knows how to listen to each other, honor each person’s voice and ideas, and give space for those presented ideas. Armando and Rachel went into their coaching hoping to help address a few issues to take their leadership and their team’s performance to the next level, but what they got was so much more! They feel that the depth of the relationships on their team go so much deeper than surface level now. They trust each other. They have gone through major hardships together, stuff that could have easily damaged them, but because of their time spent in coaching, they were able to use those challenges to strengthen their bonds and deepen their trust. With the help of Stefanie Krievins & Co., the Creative Works senior leadership team now has laid the groundwork that will allow them to continue to create powerful emotions and memories for years to come.

Team Training and Coaching Results

Creative Works is a fast-growing company made up of leaders who care deeply about the company, their clients, and their employees. As they began to outgrow their systems and processes, the impacts of COVID-19 brought their clients’ businesses to a screeching and forced them to get scrappy.

During their time in team training and coaching, they were also able to step up their game by fixing behind-the-scenes operations to put themselves in a position for growth and opportunity as the economy opens back up.

This leadership team learned new ways of collaborating to break down the silos that tend to emerge as a company gets bigger and more sophisticated.

Creative Works’ CEO and director of people operations answer questions about their experience here.

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