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Stefanie Krievins’ Hot Mess Hotline podcast is for mid-level leaders who want to lead with innovation, strategy, and focus.

Stefanie draws on conversations with guest CEOs and leaders, her own clients’ experiences, and the expertise of leading change management professionals to provide tools for mid-level leaders who want to learn to think like entrepreneurs.

The Hot Mess Hotline combines in-depth interviews with CEOs and other leaders to discuss the hot messes they’ve found themselves in, and how they can apply the lessons they’ve learned to long-term change.

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Latest Episodes

Season 2

  • Episode 1: How CEO Jim Morris found himself in (and then out) of an 8 year long hot mess.
  • Episode 2: The global pandemic strikes just as Jim Morris’ team has experienced a major shift. Find out how they adapted.
  • Episode 3: Why changing where they sat dramatically shifted Mike Loggins’ Global IT team
  • Episode 4: The 1 question that changed the thinking of an entire team, in Part 2 of the conversation with Mike Loggins
  • Episode 5: How a network of trusted advisors helped the CEO of DORIS Research, Sam Julka, navigate the shut down
  • Episode 6: Sam Julka shares how she returned to the firm’s roots to find out how to move into the future

You need to know what's creating chaos and complexity in your team. Take the Hot Mess Quiz. 

As a leader, you've felt paralyzed by where to start first with your team's and organization's problems. Do you need teambuilding or a frank conversation? Like a rubik's cube, one shift changes everything else, but may create more problems than it solves. Take this 3-minute quiz to find your next best step.

Season 1

  • Episode 1: setting the stage for why you need to learn about the essential steps for change NOW
  • Episode 2: the #1 secret tool you need to create change (pssstttt: this is the most crucial step)
  • Episode 3: learn why the 7x7x7 formula is the secret to communicating change
  • Episode 4: every project has a messy middle and this episode will show you how to push through when that happens.
  • Episode 5: how to challenge your company’s status quo and how culture shifts really happen
  • Episode 6 : an interview with, Doug Miller, the CEO of an IT consulting firm on how they pivoted so quickly as the economy was falling apart

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