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Would you say you feel successful right now?

How do you define success? Is your current path taking you there, or do you seem to be hitting one roadblock after another? 


Something happens at the midpoint of our lives where Gen Xers start questioning our own definitions of success. Thoughts of “Why have I been working so hard?” and “Is this what I want to do until I retire?” come to mind for many. Our souls ask us to answer the tough questions about adulting, and one of the things Stefanie hears most often is “I’ve spent to many years in this industry, but I Can’t. Keep. Doing. This!”

What if there were a different way?

Like her fellow Gen Xers, Stefanie hit her midpoint —but thankfully, a little earlier than most! Stefanie will tell you, “My soul threatened to jump out of its body if I continued the work I was doing. I was doing important work, work that I was supposed to love. But I didn’t.”

With many options available, knowing how to find a life coach is the first step. You can learn more about Stefanie’s coaching background and her recommendations for finding a credentialed coach here.

Stefanie worked with a life coach, and within a few sessions he helped her clarify her thoughts and be brave enough to say: 

  • I never want to work for anyone ever again. 
  • I need to learn how to be a team player. 
  • I am meant to be a coach. 

If you’re a Gen Xer (or a Boomer, or a Millennial!) in this stage, life coaching can bring this clarity to you, too!

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I never saw myself as someone who would use a coach. I’d always assumed that coaching was for high-powered executives, not “regular” people. Boy, was I wrong. I began working with Stefanie at a time when I was facing some daunting personal and professional challenges. I felt overwhelmed by the choices, and was becoming increasingly unhappy. Talking with friends didn’t help; merely having access to a sympathetic listener didn’t move me closer to practical solutions. If anything, it kept me stuck in my story.

Working with Stefanie in a coaching relationship was what I needed. When I talked about my challenges, she seemed to know what questions to ask—questions that never occurred to me. She derailed my path of unhappiness, helping me to stop and look at things in a new way. She never once told me what to think or what to do; it’s as though she drew the solutions out of me. I came away from the experience feeling more relaxed and much more flexible about my life. The challenges didn’t go away. It’s just that I have more tools available to meet them.

—Mary (Indianapolis, IN)

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