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Join a growing community of mid-level leaders as motivated as you to make a difference.

You’re looking around at your colleagues and wondering why don’t they get it? They’re notorious for over promising and under delivering. Their standards are much lower than yours for the definition of “winning!”

You’re trying to get your teammates to learn, grow, and experiment. Instead you get, “If it ain’t broke, don’t fix it.”

Change isn’t hard. Change feels hard when we feel alone, and lack the tools to make it happen. Change feels hard when we aren’t sure who we can talk to, or what we can do.

You feel alone and as if you’re running yourself ragged, trying to over achieve your way to success and make up for everyone else’s shortcomings. If you have 1 more meeting where nothing gets done you might just lose your shizz.

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What You’ve Already Tried Isn’t Enough to Fix This

You’ve read the management books and attended the innovation workshops. You’ve implemented agile and lean processes. You maybe even have an entrepreneurial operating system.

You’ve tried all the processes to jumpstart creativity for yourself and others. You’re even trying meditation to see if that will help you control your frustrations.

These are all great resources, but they’re not enough. You need more resources for the best practices in individual change management.

Put yourself on Stefanie's Calendar

Now is the time to be bold by taking action. Book your introductory call to see if you and Stefanie are a good fit to solve your problems.

I was surprised to learn how easy it can be to be productive if you take the time to create systems and processes that work for you. By taking the time to hit pause and organize, you can save so much time and stress in the future.

—Jessi, Chief Operating Officer

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Imagine a tribe to help share the burden of your stuck moments. Someone to share their own experience with top frustrations as a mid-level leader, or offer a resource that helped them. Stefanie’s Pro Troublemaker Nation is an online community of Pro Troublemakers (i.e. changemakers) who want to shake things up in their businesses and lives.

Members of the Pro Troublemaker Nation have access to peer discussions from across the country, a library of curated resources, and behind-the-scenes access to Stefanie and other business experts for monthly call-in coaching sessions. They understand the need for change through clarity and good communication.

You’ll learn the key skills to influencing and driving change and having people actively wanting to join your team. You’re going to learn the differences between busy work and strategic action. You’re going to learn how you might be holding yourself back. You’ll learn why the key to being a changemaker is not getting more done—but getting the most impactful work done.

As an official Pro Troublemaker, you’re accepting the opportunity and responsibility to make a meaningful difference in your workplace and modeling the way to others.

It’s a lofty goal, but Stefanie will help you get there.

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