Change Management Motivational Speaker, Stefanie Krievins


You need your audience engaged for change. Stefanie Krievins is your next change management motivational speaker.

About Change Management Motivational Speaker, Stefanie Krievins

Too many motivational speakers focus on inspiration and information sharing. There’s not enough of a call to action for real change and change that makes a difference for your audience and organization. In exchange for their time, your people need to walk away with next steps, not just goosebumps.

Stefanie is a change management motivational speaker who takes a different approach

For event organizers, Stefanie can share a compelling presentation on these topics:

  • How to manage conflict within a team and why you need a TON more of it
  • How to improve communication within a team
  • Why change management fails in organizations
  • How to overcome change management challenges
  • What are strategic planning skills
  • Gen X in the workplace
  • What success factors are important to small business owners

How about a Speaker who is Smart and a Straight Shooter?

You’ve sat through the boring speakers who were experts in their fields. You’ve brought in the fun speaker who didn’t convey anything new. Now you need an expert who can bring proven info and new insights in a compelling, motivating way.

If you’re going to spend the time and money to gather your entire staff or invite your members to attend, the change management motivational speaker needs to be worth it. Get a taste of Stefanie’s style by watching the speaker reel below.

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Our experience working with Stef was wonderful. It was our first time to use an external speaker, and she did a very good job. She was energetic, engaging, and challenged the staff in a positive manner. Stef and I collaborated on the desired intent of the messaging, yet she crafted the content herself and nailed the objectives. The use of visual aids and interactive activities served as a reminder of our objectives and purpose. I see the visual aids throughout the building and they continue to serve as reminders and conversation starters for our team. Following her presentation, our team was inspired and encouraged. I highly recommend Stef; she is a pro who adds tremendous value, and I would absolutely hire her again.

—Jason Weddle, CEO

Experience Stefanie Krievins as Your Change Management Motivational Speaker

Stefanie’s dedication to her speaking engagements means your team will benefit from presentations that are educational, insightful, and contain specific how-to tools to take back to the workplace and put into action.

Stefanie and her team deliver a multi-step planning process to meet your event outcomes.

  1. Project launch call to review logistics and outcomes
  2. Stefanie to customize her topics to deliver a joyous, interactive presentation
  3. Pre-event check-in call to finalize last minute plans
  4. Stefanie delivers on her promises at your event
  5. Debrief call to share feedback and insights.

After the presentation, Stefanie’s team offers follow-up options to deliver tools and accountability plans right into the hands of attendees, creating additional value.

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