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How To Make Sense When The World’s A Hot Mess

Executive coach and founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation Stefanie Krievins shares her thoughts on change, the change curve, how to overcome change management challenges and shares a new resource for leaders in this video.

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The World Deserves Your High-Quality Work

No more answering emails at 11pm! Our 24/7 contact culture is putting a real drain on our mental and emotional wellbeing. To give the world your best, you’ve got to give a little to yourself first....

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Is fundraising a profession?

This is the first part of an ongoing conversation between the artful fundraiser and Radiancy Coaching Partners. Get the latest post each week by signing up here and share your thoughts in the...

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Why I Admire the Homeless

They're resilient in a way I'm not. Being homeless is hard. This seems obvious, but for those of us who are comfortable everyday, I'm not sure we give it enough thought. I know I don't. As the...

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Heartbreak Hotel

Relying on Others is a Form of Generosity My husband and I met some new friends downtown last weekend, Dave and Tony (not their real names). They were quite the pair. Tony has cerebral palsy and is...

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Charity is Love, not Canned Tuna

The opposite of love isn't hate; it's fear. Have you ever sat through a nonprofit meeting where the fear of perception of a decision was paralyzing? Absolutely paralyzing? Vu is an irreverent,...

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Volunteers: Check Yo Self

Your assumptions are keeping you from connecting. Recently Indy celebrated a city-wide, three-day volunteer effort through a local service club. Companies and their employees volunteered for...

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