How 1 Powerful Question Changed an Entire IT Team

Oct 9, 2020 | Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Team Training, Workplace Communication

In the process of solving your hot mess, sometimes you create 10 new hot messes. But sometimes, you solve them all by employing great team communication strategies, incremental change, and a can-do attitude. Asking “What CAN we do to make this work?” along the way can bring the shift in perspective that you team needs.

In this Hot Mess Hotline episode, Global Vice President of IT, Mike Loggins, and I discuss how asking this question shifted his team, first literally by finding them a new space to work in and outfitting it for less than $3000! Then, asking this question consistently led to breaking down some common barriers and showing Mike’s mid-level leaders how to improve communication within a team with incremental change.

As you’ll hear from Mike, he thought he was communicating, but then learned the hard way what he was really doing. One of the biggest takeaways was the need for incremental change instead of expecting one, huge, drastic change to take place overnight. Mike’s team used their “What CAN we do to make this work?” question to drive these incremental changes as they solved for smaller problems along the way. This also helped showcase real results to keep the team motivated.

This is a great takeaway for leaders who find themselves in a longer-term hot mess, which can sometimes lead to indecision and becoming stuck. Asking “What next?” or “What now?” keeps the team focused on moving forward in a positive way. 

Listen to this episode of the Hot Mess Hotline to learn how Mike and his team drastically pivoted their physical position to improve their communication and success. If you know a CEO or leader who has encountered a hot mess, I’d love to talk to them about their experiences and what they learned on a future episode! Send me a message at

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About Mike Loggins

Mike Loggins is not only the Global VP of IT at SMC, he is a transformative leader raising the bar for awesome across the organization, and a Pro Troublemaker! Mike has worked in the IT space for many years, but has spent the last 14 years at SMC. Mike’s vision for how amazing it is to work at SMC is one many leaders should model. He values inclusion, growth, support, diversity, empathy, career advancement for his team, and a catalyst mindset.

About SMC

SMC partners with our customers to discover creative ways to reduce overall compressed air and electrical consumption more than anyone else in the industry. Their comprehensive approach focuses on consuming less raw materials in their manufacturing process by making our products smaller, lighter and extending the operating life. Learn more at

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