Leaders Don’t Judge with Joe Topinka

Mar 20, 2022 | Executive Coaching Blogs, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast

Joe Topinka, founder of CIO Mentor, shares his experiences learning that leaders don’t judge and how to really lead by example through a tough moment in his career. A new CEO came in and he was removed from the executive leadership team. An average leader will let their ego take over. An exceptional leader will take another route.

Listen in this episode for Joe’s top lessons, his source of inspiration, and our top insights you can put into practice immediately.

  • Your ego overreacts and lies to you.
  • Not only step out of the drama triangle, but bring others along with you.
  • When a phone call is better than in person or a video call
  • Great self coaching question: “Are you who you think you are?”
  • Leaders don’t judge. They help solve problems.
  • Why your team needs rules of engagement and how often to discuss
  • Bring a brick, not a cathedral, to your team for new ideas
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About Joe Topinka

Joe Topinka is a visionary Chief Information Officer, mentor, author, and speaker with more than 35 years of success in elevating and leading IT organizations to drive meaningful business results. A CIO with success across multiple industries, he creates agile, business-minded IT functions that are viewed as valuable assets to executive teams through a variety of business cycles. He is a passionate mentor who builds loyal, high-performing teams based on accountability, integrity, and consistency. Joe has been awarded CIO of the Year 3 times by 3 separate entities.

As the founder of CIO Mentor, LLC, Joe leverages his expertise and empowering leadership style to guide companies in capturing the power of technology to achieve profit-driven business results. For more than 15 years, he has applied his successful methodology that creates a bridge between business stakeholders and IT organizations, establishing a people-powered platform that aligns teams to compete. He also coaches IT leaders in transforming corporate relationships, leveraging the right technology, and prioritizing investments.

Connect with Joe on LinkedIn.

Learn more about CIO Mentor and Joe’s book, IT Business Partnerships: A Field Guide.

We discussed Cy Wakeman’s work quite a bit during our conversation. Her books are a must read for any leader sick of drama, change resistance, and entitlement. Check out her company and work, Reality Based Leadership.