Re-Opening Your Doors: A Back To Work Strategy That Actually Works

May 11, 2020 | COVID-19 Blogs, Downloadable Tools for Leaders, Gen X in the Workplace, Pro Troublemaker Nation, Workplace Communication

Is your business ready to return to work? In this post, I’m sharing a resource for teams: a FREE workshop and guide to help you navigate your back-to-work strategy!

In March, the transition to work-from-home happened quickly and many CEOs and leaders faced much uncertainty. Essential workplaces have faced a new set of challenges to keep their people safe and businesses running. All leaders have had to make many tough decisions.

One of the key questions facing the nation now as states begin to announce re-opening plans is complex and big: how do we transition back to our collaborative, open spaces? How do we keep our people safe? How do we pivot our company for the next phase of recovery?

On May 5th, I joined Julie Berry, President of Carson Design, and Jason Graf, Executive Vice President of Zoë Facility Services, for a workshop called Re-Opening Your Doors: A Back to Work Strategy that Actually Works. The focus was readying your people and your workspace to make a purposeful transition when the stay-at-home orders end.

 The workshop covers:

  • How to equip your people to see the opportunities from the pandemic and pivot your services
  • Why now is the time to ask your team for resiliency and focus, and how to get it
  • Simple steps to reconfigure your space temporarily and permanently for new social distancing norms
  • Questions to ask your commercial cleaning crew to make sure your space is sanitized

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