How to Lead Through a Crisis with Whynde Kuehn

Mar 6, 2022 | Change Management, Hot Mess Hotline Podcast, Workplace Communication

Whynde Kuehne, founder and managing director of S2E Transformation Inc., teaches us how to lead through a crisis from her firsthand experience. She was having a normal, fabulous day when she receives a call from the big boss saying her boss was out immediately and she’s now in charge of a 100-person team. Gulp.

In a matter of days she came up with a way forward for the entire team. Listen in for these key insights and so much more from our powerful conversation.

  • Why a “bridge” is a powerful metaphor for leadership
  • Technical, consulting, and thought leadership are different than people leadership
  • Acknowledge the different roles you play in people’s lives and work
  • Leadership is a responsibility to your employees and their families
  • Work is an ecosystem, not a place
  • Stability can be created by your physical presence
  • Instability can be used to strengthen the foundation of any business
  • How to define the story and narrative in any crisis
  • A clear way forward creates clear action
  • When you can believe that everything happens for your reason, you can learn lessons faster
  • Leadership requires a balance of masculine and feminine strengths
  • Hard times builds strong confidence
  • Dream big and trust it will happen
  • We lead from any position
  • We co-create with our colleagues; we never create
  • “Putting out fires” every day will not set your team up for the future
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About Whynde Kuehn

Whynde Kuehn is the Founder and Managing Director of S2E Transformation Inc., helping organizations bridge the gap between strategy and execution. Whynde has extensive experience in enterprise transformation and planning and is a passionate advocate for using business architecture to enable effective strategy execution and business and digital transformation. She was a key business architect in one of the largest business transformations in the world and also led one of the largest business architecture consulting practices. Whynde has worked with an extensive array of organizations around the world to help them improve their strategy execution ability, including Fortune 500 companies, governmental and non-profit organizations, social enterprises, startups, and cross-sector initiatives.

Whynde is a long-time business architecture pioneer, practitioner, educator, community builder, and recognized global thought leader. With a strong track record of creating successful teams that become embedded into their organizations, one of her most recognized competencies is helping clients build their business architecture practices. She is author of the book Strategy to Reality: Making the Impossible Possible for Business Architects, Change Makers and Strategy Execution Leaders, to be released in September 2022. Whynde is also the founder of Biz Arch Mastery, a dedicated online platform that helps professionals master the art and science of business architecture and its practical usage. She is Co-founder, Vice President, and Academic Chair of the Business Architecture Guild®. Whynde is also a Co-Founder and Principal Instructor at Business Architecture Associates, a Senior Consultant with Cutter Consortium, and a Fellow with the Institute for Digital Transformation.

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About Her Companies

S2E Transformation Inc. is a global management consulting practice devoted to connecting strategy to execution at the enterprise level, with a focus on business and digital transformation. Our company name aligns our core strength — transformation — with our namesake — strategy to execution. At the heart of our approach we leverage the power of business architecture, a foundational discipline for enabling end-to-end transformation and organizational agility.

Biz Arch Mastery is a dedicated online platform offering coaching and resources to simplify business architecture and facilitate its practical usage. It is for business architecture practitioners and practice leaders as well as executives, business and technology professionals, and startup leaders across all sectors who want to leverage architectural thinking and the discipline of business architecture for better strategy execution and transformation, decision-making, and effective organization design.