Friends, every day we have the chance to build a better workplace with a single, easy strategy.

Do what you say you’ll do.

Just that.

If you want to be a Pro Troublemaker, it’s time to build trust in the workplace, position yourself as the person who gets things done, and really make change happen.

Check out the Pro Troublemaker Step 9 video for my thoughts!

After you’ve checked out the video, won’t you head down to the comments section? We want to hear from you! Does this simple step resonate? Who do YOU need to build trust with?

You can make a real difference for someone else when you share your story. So don’t be shy about leaving a comment. Every little bit of wisdom helps!

Transcript: – Hey there friend it’s Stefanie Krievins, founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation And today we are on step nine of the 10 essential steps to becoming a Pro Troublemaker. Friends, this one is simple, it is not always easy. A Pro Troublemaker holds themselves accountable and hold others accountable to high expectations. This one is straightforward, it is do what you say you will do when you say you will do it. Everything you do needs to have some sort of deadline attached to it because that’s how work gets done. So as an individual, I want you to first check in with yourself. Are you doing what you say you will do when you say you will do it for other people, for yourself. And friends, I will tell you first and foremost, this starts with the obligations that you create for yourself. Are you honoring that block of time that you set aside for strategic thinking? Are you honoring that block of time to go get a massage and have a little self care time? Are you honoring the time that you created for yourself so that you can sit back and reflect on your successes and celebrate your own wins? That is step one, to holding yourself accountable. Step two, is in making sure your work product gets to others in the time that you promised. This is where trust begins to erode very quickly in our organizations and we need more trust than ever in our organizations. So do what you say you will do when you say you will do it, and the team needs to do the same thing. And so, in order to do what you say you will do when you say you will do it, every task, every action step must have an individual behind it and must have a deadline behind it. It is that simple. Not always easy in our over committed world. It is that simple. All right, my friends, let’s get off the internet and go do the work that we promised to ourselves and to others and I’ll see you next time.

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