Let’s talk about going to the gym.

A friend of mine goes to the gym pretty regularly- two or three times a week. In order to make this happen, he plans in advance. He chooses a time to go within his work day, or he communicates with his wife about making the gym a priority during family time. He packs a bag. And then he goes.

It sounds simple- and for him, it is. Because my friend has made a commitment to the gym.

 Now, every January, this same friend knows that he needs to modify his routine a bit- because for about a month, that gym is going to be packed full of folks with the best of intentions in brand-new workout gear.

And in February, most of them will be gone.

Y’all this is the difference between a New Year’s Resolution and a COMMITMENT.

And it’s no different in the workplace. You can have the best of intentions for doing great work in 2020, but if you aren’t ready to really commit to that work, it’s going to end up pushed to the side like those sweatpants.

Check out the video below for my thoughts on why I think you need to go beyond New Year’s Resolutions this year and ask yourself these three easy questions to help you determine what you’re really going to COMMIT to this year!

After you’ve checked out the video, won’t you head down to the comments section? We want to hear from you! What are you committing to?

You can make a real difference for someone else when you share your story. So don’t be shy about leaving a comment. Every little bit of wisdom helps!

P.S. If you liked this video but need a little more inspiration, I shared tips a few weeks ago for how to prioritize getting the best work done- and the free guide you can grab will help you identify which work priorities you may want to commit to in 2020! Check it out here!

Video Transcription:

– Hey there, friend, it’s Stefanie Krievins with the Problem Solvers School, where I share tips and encouragement so you can fix your hot messes. And today, I wanna talk about New Year’s resolutions. We’re approaching a brand new decade, but really, I don’t wanna talk about New Year’s resolutions. You know why? Because by February, virtually everyone who’s made a New Year’s resolution will have let it drop. They weren’t really committed to it. That’s why the gyms are empty in February. That’s why those food weight loss membership plans probably have dropped off dramatically from the new year. This is as human beings, this is what we do. So, could we get past the cliche of New Year’s resolutions finally? And let’s talk about commitments. You know, the new year is an awesome opportunity to think of fresh ideas, to remember the bold, impactful work that we really wanna do in this world. It’s a great fresh start from my perspective. But clearly, New Year’s resolutions aren’t cuttin’ it. And with the new decade coming, 2020, let’s go for something bigger and bolder, my friends. And I think the question you need to ask yourself, the question that I’m asking myself is what do I want to be committed to? Who do I need to be committed to? Why do I need to be committed? Because these three questions are gonna get the heart at, the meaningful, impactful work that only you are meant to do. So, my friends, share your answers to those three big, heartfelt, powerful questions in the comments, wherever you’re watching this, because your story’s gonna inspire somebody else, and now, let’s get off the internet. Let’s get the real shit done, and do that great, awesome work that you are being called to do for the new decade. And I’ll see ya soon.

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