How to Build Trust in a Virtual Team

Sep 7, 2020 | Downloadable Tools for Leaders, Workplace Communication

A webinar with Motivosity

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Recently I joined Steve Johnson, Culture Disruptor and Account Executive with Motivosity, to discuss how to build trust in a virtual team.

As a leader, it’s not up to you to keep everyone happy and motivated all the time. But it IS up to you to demonstrate leadership when it comes to creating a culture where employees motivate each other, where healthy conflict is encouraged, where good workplace communication is expected, and where social and emotional connections are built even without physical proximity.

You can listen to the full webinar now on our Hot Mess Hotline podcast channel! The webinar starts off with two questions for participants:

“What’s the #1 impact you’ve seen on your team because of COVID-19 and the sudden shift to working remotely?” and “What’s the most important corporate value you want your team to adopt into the next normal?” Take a moment to consider these questions as you listen!

Throughout the hour-long recording, Steve and I discuss what really motivates employees, healthy conflict, and the importance of safety and trust in the workplace. We also share a great tool, “Clear Off,” for your team to use to address the unhealthy conflict that can arise. If you want to learn how to build trust in a virtual team, this is the webinar for you!

Lead Kick Ass Meetings

Download this toolkit and you'll get resources to:

  • Easily manage task items from every meeting
  • Design agendas quickly and allow folks the right info to prepare
  • Hold your next effective staff meeting with focused content
  • Run a quick daily meeting so your team gets more shit done
  • Have your staff turn in meaningful updates so meetings are shorter
  • Start meetings in an engaging way. Get everyone to laugh, not roll their eyes.
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