Did you know that anyone can be a Pro Troublemaker? We love these geniuses! But being one yourself is even better. This week, we’re looking at Step 2 of 10 for becoming a Pro Troublemaker. (Use #protroublemaker to share the love!)

The first part of being a Pro Troublemaker is to know your true self. But you also need to have a good handle on the people in your life. This video goes over how you can find solid support and get out of the echo chamber that’s holding you back. To drive real change in your organization, you need to surround yourself with the right peeps.

And after you watch this video, be sure to give me your feedback. When has your tribe come to the rescue? Share your story in the comments below! Your feedback can help someone else looking to build their professional community.

Are you involved in a peer group? Do you have a mentor you can turn to? Give others the chance to see how asking for help isn’t such a bad thing!

Transcript: – Hey there friend it’s Stefanie Krievins, founder of the Pro Troublemaker Nation. And today we are on step two of the 10 essential steps to being a Pro Troublemaker in this world. Here’s number two, you’ve got to know who your people are, who your tribe is, the role that you play in that tribe and the role that they play in getting the work done. So, we can think about tribe from two different perspectives. One, you need your ride or die people that you trust with your life, in your life. Right, they will probably not come from your work circles. But these are your personal relationships, your social connections, where you feel trusted, where you feel heard and seen, and alive and you know, that they have your back regardless of what you do or what happens in your life. So that’s one piece of the tribe that you’ve got to have. The second piece of tribe that you need to have is in your workplace, who are the people that you do your meaningful work with that get shit done as other Pro Troublemakers in your circle. And this needs to be a well balanced circle of people that have similar values, have similar missions, have similar visions for their life and how that overlaps in the organization. Notice I use the word similar. I didn’t use the word the same, similar because these are people who are, they are on the ride with you but they’ve got to be able to challenge you and you’ve got to be able to challenge them. That’s when you know you have trust in a group. So, in your tribe in the workplace, you guys are working on something meaningful together. It’s gotta be a well rounded team where all parts of a project are thought of because of the perspectives on the team. So, you’re thinking about a project from, or the tribe thinks about the project from the perspective of finances, results, resources, time, people, all the different inputs that make something successful. And as individuals, you need to be able to think of work from four, at least four different perspectives. What are the results we’re getting? Who are the people involved? And you need those cheerleaders on your team. They’re like, guys, we can do it. So when things get really tough, they’re gonna pump you up. You need your team players, you need that glue, those people that bring everybody together to say, we can do it together. And you need your folks who are analytical and will build out that process for you so that you can create consistency in the way that you change the world in your company, and have process and analysis for how that new innovative project gets launched out into the world. So friend as a Pro Troublemaker, you’ve got to be willing to bring people around you that are different, yet have similar visions or are kind of on the same path, but will challenge you and that you can challenge them right back. You need it in the workplace, you need it in your personal life. Because as human beings, we need to feel seen and heard, and understood. This is at the essence of who we are. And, if you follow step one, if you checked in on step one for the essential steps to being a Pro Troublemaker, you will know step one is figure out who you are, use those assessments. So, step two, you gotta bring those assessments to life to gather people around you who aren’t in that same little block on your assessment as you, because that’s where the richness and the amazing happens in our workplaces as as when we can value those who are different from us, and your work will be even more impactful. All right, my friend, it’s time to get off the internet. Let’s get the real work done as Pro Troublemakers and I’ll see you soon.

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