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Channel Sales Clients: Partners and Selling Strategy

Our second and newest sales strategy is a type of channel sales where we’ll build partnerships specifically with IT service providers and consultants to be co-sold or up-sold with their existing offerings.

As of December 2022, I’m still finalizing this strategy and the specific tactics, but here are some assumptions that will be baked into our plan.

  • Channel sales solves these problems:
    • Business leaders don’t go shopping for change management coaching.
    • Even if they did, they don’t know how to buy it or compare proposals.
    • They don’t know they can buy what we offer until they meet Stefanie.
  • IT services are needed now more than ever as businesses prepare for digital transformation and the tech takeover in our businesses. We’ll leverage the trust IT providers have with their customers to be an added resource to increase the adoption of their work.
  • We’ll offer mostly templated programs to these IT providers as a way to manage the experience and create efficiency in delivery.
  • This delivery will rely solely on our faculty and coaching success managers.