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Creating Pro Troublemakers

A Pro Troublemaker is a mindset and set of tools and actions Stefanie created based on her research and practice in change management. It combines years of doing change in ineffective and effective ways, plus best practices in self leadership, team leadership, individual change management, and organizational change management.

What is a Pro Troublemaker?

A Pro Troublemaker is a positive changemaker that people actually want to work with!

  • Adaptable and accountable: can adjust plans as needed but only when needed and willing to follow through on promises
  • Focused: stays focused on annual and quarterly goals and shuts out distractions to get important work done before it becomes urgent
  • Resilient: Navigates hard times with grace by acknowledging that they’re hard and reflects on situation to learn and grow from it
  • Names possibilities: Able to see the opportunities within challenges, not just the problems
  • Proactive: sees issues before they arise to navigate around them
  • Creative and curious: Doesn’t focus on the status quo, but instead asks new questions to get new results
  • Mission-focused and joyful: Works for the organization’s bigger picture and believes in it. Their loyalty is to the company not necessarily people.
  • Optimistic: As Maya Angelous says, “Every storm runs out of rain.” These leaders know that and work with what they have until brighter days return.
  • Knows how to bend rules and changes them when needed: Knows that rules have a shelf life and their job is to speak up and fix broken processes and policies when needed.
  • Attracting and passionate: Draws people in through insight, humor, grace, and empathy. Their eyes light up from their excitement for the work.