Technology We Use to Collaborate and Deliver Brand Experience

Tech for Faculty

You will receive login information for G Suite in an email from Lea. You will receive an automated email from WordPress with your login information. Lastly, you will receive an email from Gusto to invite you to set up your info. You should have received all of these by now. If you have not please reach out to Lea or Jess.

G Suite

  • Email
  • Calendar (including bookable appointments)
  • Drive for documents
  • Meet for virtual meetings


  • Courses & Libraries live here
  • WP Project Manager will outline each project with milestones and deadlines


This is our payroll system. As part of your onboarding you’ll be sent information to set up an account so we can pay you. You will have your own login and can update any of your information at any time. If any information on your W9 changes please send us an updated copy.

Formidable Forms

Formidable Forms is a plugin for WordPress. We use this to collect information. You filled one out as part of your onboarding. Clients will also use this as part of their onboarding. FF lives on our website. You will be sent information in emails from clients as they fill out forms throughout their projects.

Member Press

Member Press is a plugin for WordPress. Our courses live in member press (you are in it right now going through a course!). Our clients go through their own onboarding course and may elect other courses. You will have access to certain courses as a faculty member.


A new feature is coming that will add the opportunity to create networks and make it easier for everyone with invoicing and billing.