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Vision, Mission, and Values

Stefanie Krievins & Co. Guiding Lights

These are the foundational elements to the work done by Stefanie Krievins & Co. It provides a focus to ensure we don’t get caught up in busy work, instead staying focused on the most impactful using our best gifts.


We create workplaces where American employees are joyous, authentic, and boldly compassionate.


We do important and impactful shit that grows leaders who courageously change their part of the world.


  • Ready for change and accountability: Each person is responsible for and capable of changing; our role is to support them in discovering the change that is needed and taking new actions to meet their goals. Every person is accountable for their (re)actions, presence, and intentions, but not the (re)actions, presence, and intentions of others. We support clients by working in service to their goals.
  • Curiously Proactive: We think ahead to manage our capacity of time, energy, and money. We’re always managing forward to set and meet expectations. We’re honest and realistic about meeting deadlines. We always meet our client deadlines and promises.
  • Creative problem solving: Problems are opportunities for finding new solutions. We don’t complain or lament. We connect the dots in new ways and see possibilities, not obstacles. Even if the plan isn’t working, or we don’t know the end result, we take the next best step.
  • Joyfully and Boldly Compassionate: We believe in the possibilities and humanity of this world. We serve with joy and have fun. Every person we encounter is struggling with their own heartbreak and we work to uncover it so they can live with purpose and joy.
  • Adaptable and templated: Each person who interacts with Stefanie Krievins & Co. is walked through a templated program. We customize and adapt our program steps to meet clients’ needs within reason and to hold them accountable to their goals.

Key Behaviors

These actions are how we treat each other and our clients with every interaction.

  • Company results and goals are important, but the strategies and tactics to achieve them will frequently change. We stay nimble, yet focused, and experiment until we get it right.
  • We are oriented toward growth and proactivity. Change means we’re growing and progressing. There are no sacred cows.
  • We use internal processes to set expectations and debrief our work, just like we do for clients.
  • We’re always looking at how to improve for almost every iteration. Every time we deliver work there’s usually an opportunity to make it better while keeping our promises.
  • We seek progress and excellence, not perfection. In every situation we deliver the best we can with the info we have.
  • We demonstrate gratitude to all connected to SK&Co.
  • Because we work at different times, all files and work need to be consistent, organized, with the most current files in the right location on our shared drive. Process, simplicity, and consistency are how we communicate.
  • You are here to provide value and add your perspective. You don’t always have to agree. If you see something, say something.
  • No gossip except good gossip.
  • Every impression is a first impression with our clients. As a coaching firm, we’ll naturally develop an intimate relationship with our clients that’s different than most business relationships. We still maintain professional boundaries, guided by ICF’s core competencies, and professional communication.
  • You are the CEO of your business, life, and career.
    • Do what you say you will do when you say you will do it, with quality.
    • Manage your time to make sure a “Yes” means “Yes” and “No” means “No.
    • Speak up for what you want.
    • If you need help, ask.
    • Check your insecurities at the door. It’s okay to have them, just make sure you’re managing them.
    • Challenge yourself and others in SK to be better.
    • Own your mistakes and successes. It’s okay to brag on yourself here.
    • Bring joy and humor.
    • It’s okay to be human. Give yourself and others grace.