New Year, New Commitments- Let’s Rock 2020!

Jan 6, 2020 | Change Management, Executive Coaching Blogs, Life Coaching Blogs, Pro Troublemaker Nation, Team Training

My friends, it’s 2020!

Welcome to the start of a new year, a new decade, and a new opportunity to show up in 2020 in a BIG way- by making a COMMITMENT to what you’re going to do!

Today, I want to share what my commitments are to YOU in 2020. Our team has learned so much and benefited greatly from all your feedback! We’ve come up with ways to serve you even better and I’m so excited to share some today.

Check out the video below for my thoughts on commitments!

After you’ve checked out the video, won’t you head down to the comments section? We want to hear from you! What are you committing to in 2020? What are you looking forward to from us?

You can make a real difference for someone else when you share your story. So don’t be shy about leaving a comment. Every little bit of wisdom helps!

Video Transcript:

– Hey there friend, Happy New Year! Happy new decade, it’s 2020. I want to talk more about what are you committed to in 2020. I cannot wait to hear your stories. In my last video, I talked about resolutions and how lame they are because by February 1, most of you have dropped those resolutions. So instead, I want to talk about commitment. So I cannot wait to hear what you are committed to in 2020. And I want to use our time together in this video to talk to you about what I’m committed to, what Stephanie Krievins and Company is committed to in 2020 that I think will serve you even better. We’ve learned a lot in 2019 about what you need, what resonates with you, how you wanna learn, how you want to grow. So I’ve got some new offerings that I think will really make a huge impact in your business. So first and foremost, we’re building out what I’m calling the Pro Troublemaker Nation. So this is a platform for the community of misfits out there, who are trying to be change makers in our small businesses, bringing us together into one place so we can learn, grow, be inspired by each other, and keep doing the good fight in our organization so that the right work gets done, that the important work gets done, and that you have the skills you need to fix hot messes, to create order out of chaos, to be optimistic, to work with joy and not stress, right? I want to bring more joy to you in 2020, one of my top goals my friends. We’ve got a new studio coming where I’m gonna record these videos. I need variety of my life and I’ve had this gray turquoise wall behind me for a while. So I’ve got a new studio that I can’t wait to share with you. We’re gonna continue these great videos. We’re also gonna bring you some new services. So I’ve got some new team members, new Pro Troublemakers joining the cause here, I’ve got one expert coming online for you who knows how to help you change your dysfunctional behaviors as a team into cohesive ones, where you’re building trust, you’re dealing with conflict, you’re accountable to each other. And because of that, you’re getting those new, amazing results that your company deserves. And then I’m bringing you a new program that combines strategic planning, with strategic execution. So this is a way for you to make sure that plan doesn’t go on the shelf and stay there. But instead, for a year’s worth of support, you’re going to figure out the systems and structures you actually need, your company actually needs to make that play in a reality. And then I’ve got a new coach coming to you my friends. She is an amazing listener. She is the one that hears the deep stuff that even that you didn’t know you were trying to say out loud, and discover new ways of being an effective leader. Cannot wait for you guys to meet her and the other amazing experts joining this Pro Troublemaker Nation. We have so many things, good, good, great, awesome things coming to you in 2020. We’re gonna continue our book swap. So we did one last year, we’re going to do two in the new year. So for my leader friend, my learner friends who are cranking out those books every month, don’t just put those on the shelves or donate those away, bring them here and meet some of your fellow learners here in Central Indiana, swap out those books that resonated with you at one time, but need to leave that bookshelf. And then we’re going to do a business field trip. We’re gonna have some fun, we’re going to learn from creative entrepreneurs, and then give you some tools to take that back to your business. So probably the last time you’re on a field trip was high school. Let’s bring that back. They’re fun, right? Remember playing hooky from school a little bit how great that felt. We’ll do that. We’ll do that with your job, but with more purpose, I promise. It’s not like playing hooky. It’s like learning and having fun at the same time. And then we are launching the Hot Mess Hotline. Which is a podcast where you’re gonna learn from C suite executives and how they fix their hot messes, how they got through a turbulent time in their business, and arrived safely on the other side in with success. So cannot wait to bring those insights to you. Here’s what we’re gonna continue doing in 2020. Because I know the world still needs it, you still need it my friend, that’s executive coaching. So especially my Gen X leaders who need some help getting to the next level, we’ve got custom team coaching. So that’s six months or three months of team development, where every session is customized to what your team needs in the moment. We’ve got these videos that are going to continue, I’m going to continue with the Change Management Crash Course because that is just bringing so much value to leaders who need the essential skills for Change Management on their team. I’m gonna continue my speaking around the country. And then also I’m gonna continue being on podcasts and other corporate learning events that just add value to other company’s messages. So if you need a speaker for your association, for your corporate event. If you need someone to join you on a podcast and just share slightly different message and how that overlaps with you, I would love to be considered. My friends, would love to know your thoughts on these ideas. So wherever you’re watching, please share a comment below. Also, what are you committed to? I still want to hear those stories! What are you committed to in 2020? I wanna to share that with you. And then thirdly, friends it’s time to get off the internet and get at it for 2020 let’s go do this my friends, cannot wait to see you in real life. And let’s go get the real shit done. See you soon.

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