Mad about Hunger? Volunteer. Donate. Speak up.

Jan 7, 2015 | Social Responsibility

“You can’t get $35 million from bake sales.”

Dave Miner is this amazing man living in central Indiana who has devoted his adult life to working to end hunger, particularly with Bread for the World. I’m lucky enough to call him a friend and got to sit down with him recently to find out how he stays committed to ending hunger (and is doing it!), the impact that this work has had on him personally, and his advice on how the rest of us can help too.

If you’re interested in making sure no one ever misses a meal because they can’t afford or otherwise access food, if you want all kids to grow up healthy because they’re well nourished, or if you’re looking for a way to stay engaged in a volunteer project for the long haul, listen in on this interview with Dave. He is the founder and president of of the Indy Hunger Network and a current board member for Bread for the World, Alliance to End Hunger, Interfaith Hunger Initiative, and Kids Against Hunger.

While Dave does a lot now, listen in on how his work has transitioned. He never imagined starting another hunger organization, but when he and others realized that’s what was needed, that’s what they did. Bold projects are less scary when you just take one step at a time.

This early episode has been removed, and please check out the latest episodes of the Hot Mess Hotline podcast instead.

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