Sure, you might not be best buddies with your boss, but you’ve got to remember that they’re a human being—same as you! That’s why every workplace should recognize National Boss’s Day.

I’ve come up with 4 reasons why you need to celebrate this day. (And no, it’s not just for the cupcakes in the breakroom.) Taking a slightly different look at your boss can help you have a great team, every day of the year! In this video, I’ll show you how to get that insight.

After you check out this video, head on down to the comments section. I’d love to hear your own ideas for why (and how) to celebrate National Boss’s Day. What traditions do you have at work? What makes your boss worth celebrating?

Lead Kick Ass Meetings

Download this toolkit and you'll get resources to:

  • Easily manage task items from every meeting
  • Design agendas quickly and allow folks the right info to prepare
  • Hold your next effective staff meeting with focused content
  • Run a quick daily meeting so your team gets more shit done
  • Have your staff turn in meaningful updates so meetings are shorter
  • Start meetings in an engaging way. Get everyone to laugh, not roll their eyes.

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