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Jan 12, 2015 | Downloadable Tools for Leaders

Stop consuming and start living.

Starting a new business is exciting and scary. I’m a planner by nature and during my initial planning months, I sometimes felt like I was staring into a black abyss of the great unknown. I read blogs, signed up for resources, and watched videos nonstop. I needed more and more info before I could start. Each resource opened more questions, so I NEEDED more resources. I was taking in info virtually 24/7. And. then. I read this blog that nailed why I couldn’t move forward.

To paraphrase, this author said that there are thousands of free resources on moving forward, creating a business plan, strategies for my business model, etc. etc. In essence, everything I need is already available to me via others’ wisdom. And everything I need is already inside of me.


This is what I know is true for my clients. It was time to start believing it for myself so that I can create a life that has deep meaning and impact AND get my business of the ground!

And the same is true for you.

Don’t get me wrong: research has its place. But it serves as one phase of many. We all must move into action at some point.

“Everything we consume becomes a part of us. All the useless factoids and scandals do nothing but take root in our psyche and emerge as stupidity and drama later on. Seeing people being petty on television a million times makes us pettier. As guardian of our mind, we mustn’t allow the trite and negative to enter to easily. We should be conscious of the information entering our minds.”

–From Brendan Burchard’s book, “The Motivation Manifesto”

This part of Brendon’s book struck me as particularly powerful because so many of us are consumers in our own lives. We’re like Pavlov’s dog reacting to every ding that comes in. When I’m not conscious, I find myself picking up my phone after it dings and reading an email without really knowing what I’m doing. We have to be really honest with ourselves if we want to have a life that matters, that helps end poverty, that touches others, that tells the world that we care about hunger, homelessness, the arts, and great schools for all kids.

Many of us feel like our days are crammed from start to finish. We run from emergency to putting out a fire to checking email and then wonder why our priorities haven’t been accomplished yet. I know I’m having an unfocused day when I’m continuously checking my email.

How much time do you spend on Facebook or watching t.v.? No really, how much time? If you’re like many Americans, you’re watching four hours of t.v. each day.

The Steps to Get You Moving!

I want to challenge you to set your own priorities for one week that allow you to create more joy, compassion, and focus. Choose wisely between the truly urgent and the truly important. Here are the steps to take to take back control of your time.

  • List the 3 major projects that must be completed or advanced this week? What are 10 additional tasks that will need to be completed as part of these projects or other important work? This list should include your home and work life.
  • Think about which parts of your day are most productive and least productive? (For me, I need to do mindless activities from 3 to 4:30 and then get a second wind for more challenging work.)
  • Assign how much time each task will take and block them off on your calendar, based on how you best work and others’ schedules that you need to accommodate.
  • Create two columns on a piece of paper. On the right side list some of the interruptions that may come your way this week. On the left side, list how you’ll handle those interruptions.
  • Write down what you need to commit to this schedule.

Try planning your weeks like this for a month and notice what happens. Also, notice what’s missing that you want more of. I’m excited to hear!


Author Brendan Buchard is giving away his newest book, “The Motivation Manifesto,” virtually for free on his website. If you’re looking for a wake up call to something greater in your life, this is it! It has helped me to remember the energy and zest I want to bring to this world!

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